Saturday, July 28, 2012

I just don't get it. Do you?

Things I don’t understand:

+Exaggerated sense of self-importance.
Some people think like they are the crème de la crème. Duh! Statement like, “I am so damn beautiful”, "Why on earth did he/she didn't even bother to open my page" could really be so narcissistic. Dunno. Well, unless the statement is meant as a joke, of course. Those overweening freaks! Those egotistical whatever you call them. So annoying! I believe that whatever there is to appreciate about you or even me, it’s really up to people to do the praising and not ourselves. I guess.

+Example from ants.
Haven’t you noticed how ants sweat and slave to prepare for the rainy days? They get ready for it so they hoard more than they could do. And the more awe-inspiring detail about them is that they stay in single file. They don’t go past another, which, not only proves their discipline, but their fortitude as well. Consider the loads their carrying. Thrice their size or more, imagine?! Why can't humans do the same?WWWHHHYYYYYYY!????

I am at times guilty of buying and desiring more when I don’t really need so much. Like, you finally bought your long time drool thing. Then after some time, it gets out-of-date and you’d want another one. It has become a non-stop wanting.

+Love fading. Like colors?
Can love truly disappear? Like, I know one shouldn’t be asking this anymore. But, can one really ascertain, like clear-cut, that someone had lost their love for someone? Or could one be accurate in assuming that the love was really gone? Define love.

Guess this is an extension of number one. But, I don’t understand why are “they” so toffee-nosed. As if there’s several more grounds for them to be. Like goodness, we have equivalent numbers, have two eyes, one nose and one mouth…etc. C’mon we are all simply equal. Social status, intellectual level, but NOT MATURITY LEVEL. Period!

+Gossips are just that pandemic.
Tell me I am wrong that most of our past time is gossiping. May it be our neighbor suspected of cheating on his/her partner, local or foreign blind items…etc. One find pleasure in talking about another person’s life. Just what is so fascinating about gossip? *scratches head* tsk tsk.

+Political ambition.
I find politics such a complicated world. So, why?!! Nuff said.

+Love: considered one of people's predicaments.
Next to financial, I must say. Like, I heard of people killing themselves because of a messed up relationship. I know of people that ends up boozy with alcohol for the same reason or because of lose-lose situation, again related to love. Why?

+Indigent people has the most number of children.
Don’t they really learn? I mean at least from experience…through experience. I mean, raising one child alone is already handful. The fact that they don’t have a job and they have what? Already 13 children to feed! And here’s another one coming!? Huuwwaaahaaaaaattttt?!!! Don’t they feel badly for their children looking grimy and famished, already? ;(

+Self-destructive urge.
While most of us fear death, some embrace death. I don’t get it.

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