Friday, April 1, 2011


Yes, the Pinoy Big Brother reality TV will soon be back on Philippine TV courtesy (of course) by the country's leading network ABS-CBN. I can't wait to spill the good news to my friends here. Besides only my followers would know.

Alright, I first heard about this early of 2010. So after surviving the stampede-like-queue and answering the infamous question of that day - "Bakit gusto mo maging housemate ni Kuya?". No results were announced that day. Until I got a call from someone named -Laurenti Dyogi and asked me to send a letter with my pictures and a video footage of me doing random things. In this case I asked my budding filmmaker friend - Anthony Dela Merced to shoot a short introduction video. We came up with something that was shot in our kitchen.

It was a short 5-minute clip that shows me preparing Bistecca Fiorentina and Basic Risotto (Yeah I know, it almost turned out like a cooking show). I uttered lines like "What's up Kuya? Wanna go gaga over this meal?"

Lo and behold I wasn't expecting anything to come out of it, when all of a sudden I received a call from this network telling me that I am one of the housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Season 4.

The format is the same as the previous seasons. I will be one of the housemates, no tv, no iPod, no cellphone, no newspaper for the entire duration of the show. (Gosh, wish me luck) And I will be voted by the people.

From what the PA told me, the rest of the housemates will compose of former Candy Magazine cover girl from Cebu, a comedian from Ilocos Sur, a Jordanian-Filipina girl from Deal of No Deal's 26K, a growing painter from Zamboanga, a fresh graduate of Business Ad from Ateneo de Manila, a pre-school teacher from Sampaloc and a former child actress (not Lady Lee and Aiza) and etc. My description? The chef in the making from Quezon City.

I am the midst of happiness, excitement, sadness and (future) longingness to my family, my boy and girl friends, my best friends, my laptop or should I say - THE OUTSIDE WORLD.

Oh, Sh*t, the producer just emailed me... It's confirmed I am IN :)

Launching would commence on April 20 and wrap up on June 15. So, I won't be around on my Lil' Sister's Bday (May 20), Philippine Independence Day (well, that's of course if I make it till the end).

And, what's the date today? It's APRIL 1

I hope you get the thang here :)