Monday, October 25, 2010

The Seven Cardinals of Life

1. Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present

2. What other people think of you is none of your business

3. Time heals almost everything. Give it time

4. Noone is in-charge of your happiness except you

5. Do not compare your life to others & do not judge them. You have no idea what their journey is all about

6. Stop thinking too much, it's alright not to know the answers. They will come to you when you least
expect it.

7. SMILE. You do not own all the problems in the world.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Words Can Kill

Everything seems to be such a surprise to me. I always end up pondering about things that happen in a day -- everyday. Like... how words can result to tremendous injury to relationships and yet people won't give it up. Rumors do break up friendships. Haven't we realized this yet?

Words can kill trust and faith. We injure our own souls by it. The yentas just don't realize how much trouble they are causing their own reputes more than the inconvenience they're causing the persons they're tattling about. Can't help but to tut-tut about it. *glaring eyes*

Don't we have anything more sensible to talk about? Like how to be a responsible citizen or if we don't have anything good to say, it's best to keep the silence rather than regret everything in the end.

*sigh* Well, enough of my babbling... better if I just share this with you. Makes better sense.

A Greek philosopher asked his servant to cook the best dish possible. The servant, who was very wise, prepared a dish of tongue, saying, “It’s the best of all dishes, for it reminds us that we may use our tongue to bless and express happiness, dispel sorrow, remove despair, and spread cheer.”

Later the servant was asked to cook the worst dish possible. Again, he prepared a dish of tongue, saying, “It’s the worst dish, for it reminds us that we may use our tongue to curse and break hearts, destroy reputations, create strife, and set families and nations at war.”

It’s been estimated that a talkative person may speak 30,000 words a day! But the important question is, how do our words, whether many or few, affect others?

We don’t have to eat tongue to grasp that servant’s point. But we may have to “eat our own words” quite often before we learn to avoid saying things we’d like to retract.

The word SORRY itself is quite common these days. More often, it's not being used for apologizing, it's becoming more of a habit. Also, saying sorry has become an easy way out to run from the troubles caused by our mistakes. Tsk tsk.

I guess life has become too mechanical. We don't realize how many people we've hurt in a day. But if we say it sincerely, it can take away the pain.
'till here!



Unusual Words.

Out of sheer boredom, I came up searching for strange words. You will definitely learn from this as much as I did! :)

(in alphabetical order)

+ Agelast
Meaning: a person who never laughs

+ Agonous
Meaning: Struggling

+ Antapology
Meaning: a reply to an apology

+ Autophoby
Meaning: The fear of referring to yourself. The fear of using the pronouns "I" and "me".

+ Bablatrice
Meaning: a female babbler.
Writer's Comment: Imagine?! Even words can be sexist.

+ Bever
Meaning: a snack between meals

+ Calamistrate
Meaning: to curl the hair

+ Chaston
Meaning: the part of the ring that holds the stone

+ Diazingiber
Meaning: a kind of ginger candy

+ Dignotion
Meaning: a birthmark, tattoo, mole, just any sort of distinguishing mark or sign.

+ Drawcansir
Meaning: a person who kills both friends and foes

+ Echopraxia
Meaning: mimicing the moves of others whether conscious or unconsciously

+ Emacity
Meaning: a fondness for buying things
Writer's Comment: Shopaholic much!

+ Emunctory
Meaning: relates to the blowing of the nose

+ Expergefactor
Meaning: alarm clock or anything that wakes you up

+ Gaberlunzie
Meaning: a beggar

+ Gallinipper
Meaning: a large mosquito

+ Heterography
Meaning: incorrect spelling

+ Hodmandod
Meaning: a strange person

+ Hoghenhine
Meaning: a member of one's family

+ Hookum-snivey
Meaning: a con, deceit or fakery

+ Huderon
Meaning: a lazy person

+ Indagatrix
Meaning: female searcher or investigator

+ Infucate
Meaning: to put on make-up

+ Jentation
Meaning: breakfast

+ Jettatura
Meaning: bad luck

+ Jollux
Meaning: a fat person

+ Knackatory
Meaning: a collectibles store

+ Mammothrept
Meaning: a spoiled child

+ Mesonoxian
Meaning: pertains to midnight

+ Moirologist
Meaning: someone who has been hired to mourn at a funeral
Writer's Comment: Whatta job!

+ Mungo
Meaning: a person who retrieves valuables from the garbage

+ Mututatial
Meaning: something that is borrowed

+ Nabocklish!
Meaning: similar to "leave it alone!"

+ Nightwhat
Meaning: nearly or almost

+ Noceur
Meaning: a person who stays up late
Writer's Comment: Okay so I'm a noceur!

+ Nudiustertian
Meaning: the day before yesterday

+ Otacust
Meaning: an eavesdropper; spy

+ Oxter
Meaning: armpit

+ Pelmatogram
Meaning: footprint

+ Pregustator
Meaning: a person whose job is to taste meals and drinks before serving them
Writer's Comment: Masayang trabaho ito! :p

+ Quadragenarian
Meaning: a person who is 40 years old

+ Qualtagh
Meaning: the first person you meet after leaving your house.

+ Rastaquouere
Meaning: a social climber who tries hard to be in fashion

+ Retroition
Meaning: the act of returning; reentrance

+ Savernapron
Meaning: a table napkin

+ Scevity
Meaning: bad luck

+ Semiopathy
Meaning: the tendency to read humoruosly inappropriate meanings into signs

+ Sitooterie
Meaning: a summerhouse or gazebo; or an out-of-the-way corner to sit with your partner during a dance

+ Torschlusspanik
Meaning: mid life crisis

+ Tractatrix
Meaning: a female shampooer

+ Tragematopolist
Meaning: a seller of candy

+ Winebibber
Meaning: a person who drinks a lot of alcohol.

+ Yestreen
Meaning: yesterday evening
Writer's Comment: Urgh! So please stop the "yesternight" thing! Ugh!

+ Yisel
Meaning: a hostage

Some words in the list, are good for code names, you know what I mean? Cute and interesting. Teehee!!

I think, I sounded like a novelist or something. Bookworm maybe. Only not even novelists use these words anymore.

PS: Something about this entry makes me LAUGH! Bwahaha! Take a guess, anyone? Hehe!! :)


 Sometimes I wonder what things I am free to do. You know, things that normally people do whenever they wish. Like, be wherever they want to, leave the house anytime of the day and have fun, eat out alone or with friends, pick any food anywhere when hungry, be with the crowd without fear of getting harrassed, the ordinary things. Every now and then, I dream to experience the common. Be just like everybody else. And even for a short moment, forget about who I am and my fears & the dangers out there.

I have several questions in mind. I dunno. They say, "it's only when you already know your life's purpose that you start asking countless questions."  Or, could it be just me trying to find fault in myself in stead of just accepting the fact that people choose to fail? That we work for our destiny? That whoever we are tomorrow is because of our choices today?

I dunno. Battling thoughts. That's all. :)


Man In The Mirror

I am deeply saddened with what has been happening to our country this year and I've been so emotional about these issues. And just few days ago, we've seen the worst election-related issues.

If elections are turning out this way, why on earth would someone risk their lives for politics? Is it because they really want to serve or be served? All of them promises CHANGE - better lives to the poor, more investments for the rich people, cheaper medicines, education for the youth, scholarships, road improvement, more jobs and etc.
I know it's improper to question one's sincerity and I still think there are aspirants out there that want to start reform. I NEED REFORM. But who am I compared to them? They are better, richer, smarter and wittier. 

Although Politics runs in our family, I do not see myself as one. But I was once asked, if in the future I decide to run for any position what would it be and why? I answered, A legislator. To create or enact the law.

I am 24 and there is so much more to life than picturing myself as a legislator though sometimes, I think of things that I am (sometimes!) compelled to do.. But simply can't..

I wanna face those corrupts and tell straight to their faces that they are a big pain in the as*. I want to give so much to the needy ones. I want to stand before my poor and tell them to stop believing that noontime/game shows can actually make them rich. I don't think I have a strong charisma to make most of the people like me and I don't think running for any office will help me do what I want to do.

I am not a genius, but I know cheating and stealing is a crime. I am not very rich, but I would love to share whatever I have. I think I can define hard-work for myself and for other people. I don't have a strong charisma, but I can show the people that I am sincere.

I always say that I have lost faith in this crazy government. They aim to make stupid filipinos--blinded and crippled without minds! Because they simply want to eat that filthy degrading power! And I don't think I wanna be part of that.