Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weight 101

I'm going to start it off by saying "GOODNESS! I've gained pounds around my waist and thighs." Urghhh! I am not proud! And the worst part? It might take time again before I lose 'em! *sobs*
I'd always say, "After this, I won't eat anymore". Easier uttered as always! PLUS the fact that, I love to cook and I'm the type of person who enjoys what she cooks. I can't help it! :( Guilt just comes after.. habitually!

I have a lot of food photos on my phone and my iPad, but I ain't posting them. No evidence. Just these extra fats around my waist, though! *sobs* BUT, BUT my pants are not getting harder to put on pa naman. Which tells me, I don't "desperately" need to move around and do crunches, YET. ATLEAST, that made me feel good! At least, I have to start controlling what I eat and avoid sweets.

On my way to the office this morning, I thought of this sort of "experiment" I'll be dealing with every morning or atleast every other morning starting tomorrow. (HOPE SO).

A sure way to shake off excess pounds and stay lean: have only veggie juice and slices of fruits for breakfast. I may add a small serving of oats if I wish. (the world's lamest breakfast meal). Use the stairs. BOO!

Get back to me for feedbacks -- positive or negative. If feedback is unfavorable I will stress that the idea didn't come from me. Just read it from a health glossy. If it's rather affirming, I accept thank-you notes. *wink*

I just need a freakin' solution to my problem. I don't want to get FAT, seriously!! :( I'm sure most of the time, I'd have to deal with more pains than comfort when I really intend to shed off weight!

Current Mood: SLEEPY and TIRED.

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