Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Naniniwala ba kayo dito?

Filipinos have no satisfaction in all aspects

Politics - from the president, vp, senators, representatives, mayors, chief justice. Well, i understand. But sometimes the media manipulates everything. GMA or even the former president did not rule this country. Wanna know WHAT really controls this country? MEDIA!!! The media has brainwashed the Filipino minds. Switch to ABS-CBN if you want to hear one side and switch to GMA to hear the others. Noone is fair. Everyone is injustice!

Electricity bill - binabaan na nga, gusto pa bawasan. anu ba dapat, libre? impossible my countrymen!

Pinoy reality show winners - Wanna make a change? Cast ur vote. Don't rely on what you see over the TV. And I am guilty of that and I try to avoid it. And I keep myself away from giving my time watching this pinoy reality shows. It's unhealthy. Want me to explain? I'll have another blog for it.

Price hike - don't blame the leaders for this! blame yourselves! try giving ur support to the leaders and show some unity. everything shall fall in place.

Ako saksi ako sa araw-araw na rally dito sa congress! sobrang hassle. kung hassle to para sakin, what more sa gobyerno natin. Hay Pinoy talaga. Sana  naman magkaisa na tayo. Ang gulo-gulo na ng mundo, simulan natin sa atin. Sana. Hindi ba kayo nalulungkot sa ganito? Yun lang.

At madaming madami pa.

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