Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inhale, Exhale.

What do you do when you're irritated with someone or something?  An event or circumstance, something uttered by someone you don't already like, a behavior, a revelation, sometimes, the mere tone of the voice or presence.

I've found myself wanting to hurl a coffee mug or water glass at the face of my hatest human being in this world. Just kidding, that's exxage.  I know. I just want to scream as loud  as I could.  However, I always exercise restraint. Now that's something normal.  ALWAYS.

Ssssoooo, how do I deal when I find myself irritated at someone/something?

I take a deep breath, find something else to amuse or distract me, read, talk about it out loud with myself to objectify things, write, cook, music, text a friend who never feels to make me feel better, and just stay inside my comfort zone and won't talk to anyone for the next couple of hours.

Whatever, so long as the end result is a diminished level of irritation.

Distractions usually work and I'm able to go about like normal again.

Until my goat is got.

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