Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This is Real Life Calling

Does anyone of you know a song that goes like this, "There's ONLY TWO THINGS in life that are constant. That's CHANGE and CHANGES."

And I strongly believe that.

Sometimes changes are good. Where in improves something in our lives, but more often times, we hate changes. Don't we? When it takes away something in our lives and pained us a lot (things, money, job, people, trust, love, respect, and all that comes in between).

And as I write this, I ask this very random question. "Why do men love whisper?" (Just kidding!). Why do people rather lie to the people they love when in fact lying has never been a good thing to do? There's no answer to that. Only opinion. Why? Because there are no right answers, only ACCEPTABLE answers when question about life is being asked. Opinions are never right or wrong. It is upto you (the listener) on which part of the answer you will accept and which part you won't.

And yes, that's not an answer. That's just my opinion. An opinion you may choose to accept or not. At least that's how I see it.

Thank you for your time, reader! :)

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