Monday, October 18, 2010


 Sometimes I wonder what things I am free to do. You know, things that normally people do whenever they wish. Like, be wherever they want to, leave the house anytime of the day and have fun, eat out alone or with friends, pick any food anywhere when hungry, be with the crowd without fear of getting harrassed, the ordinary things. Every now and then, I dream to experience the common. Be just like everybody else. And even for a short moment, forget about who I am and my fears & the dangers out there.

I have several questions in mind. I dunno. They say, "it's only when you already know your life's purpose that you start asking countless questions."  Or, could it be just me trying to find fault in myself in stead of just accepting the fact that people choose to fail? That we work for our destiny? That whoever we are tomorrow is because of our choices today?

I dunno. Battling thoughts. That's all. :)


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