Monday, October 18, 2010

Unusual Words.

Out of sheer boredom, I came up searching for strange words. You will definitely learn from this as much as I did! :)

(in alphabetical order)

+ Agelast
Meaning: a person who never laughs

+ Agonous
Meaning: Struggling

+ Antapology
Meaning: a reply to an apology

+ Autophoby
Meaning: The fear of referring to yourself. The fear of using the pronouns "I" and "me".

+ Bablatrice
Meaning: a female babbler.
Writer's Comment: Imagine?! Even words can be sexist.

+ Bever
Meaning: a snack between meals

+ Calamistrate
Meaning: to curl the hair

+ Chaston
Meaning: the part of the ring that holds the stone

+ Diazingiber
Meaning: a kind of ginger candy

+ Dignotion
Meaning: a birthmark, tattoo, mole, just any sort of distinguishing mark or sign.

+ Drawcansir
Meaning: a person who kills both friends and foes

+ Echopraxia
Meaning: mimicing the moves of others whether conscious or unconsciously

+ Emacity
Meaning: a fondness for buying things
Writer's Comment: Shopaholic much!

+ Emunctory
Meaning: relates to the blowing of the nose

+ Expergefactor
Meaning: alarm clock or anything that wakes you up

+ Gaberlunzie
Meaning: a beggar

+ Gallinipper
Meaning: a large mosquito

+ Heterography
Meaning: incorrect spelling

+ Hodmandod
Meaning: a strange person

+ Hoghenhine
Meaning: a member of one's family

+ Hookum-snivey
Meaning: a con, deceit or fakery

+ Huderon
Meaning: a lazy person

+ Indagatrix
Meaning: female searcher or investigator

+ Infucate
Meaning: to put on make-up

+ Jentation
Meaning: breakfast

+ Jettatura
Meaning: bad luck

+ Jollux
Meaning: a fat person

+ Knackatory
Meaning: a collectibles store

+ Mammothrept
Meaning: a spoiled child

+ Mesonoxian
Meaning: pertains to midnight

+ Moirologist
Meaning: someone who has been hired to mourn at a funeral
Writer's Comment: Whatta job!

+ Mungo
Meaning: a person who retrieves valuables from the garbage

+ Mututatial
Meaning: something that is borrowed

+ Nabocklish!
Meaning: similar to "leave it alone!"

+ Nightwhat
Meaning: nearly or almost

+ Noceur
Meaning: a person who stays up late
Writer's Comment: Okay so I'm a noceur!

+ Nudiustertian
Meaning: the day before yesterday

+ Otacust
Meaning: an eavesdropper; spy

+ Oxter
Meaning: armpit

+ Pelmatogram
Meaning: footprint

+ Pregustator
Meaning: a person whose job is to taste meals and drinks before serving them
Writer's Comment: Masayang trabaho ito! :p

+ Quadragenarian
Meaning: a person who is 40 years old

+ Qualtagh
Meaning: the first person you meet after leaving your house.

+ Rastaquouere
Meaning: a social climber who tries hard to be in fashion

+ Retroition
Meaning: the act of returning; reentrance

+ Savernapron
Meaning: a table napkin

+ Scevity
Meaning: bad luck

+ Semiopathy
Meaning: the tendency to read humoruosly inappropriate meanings into signs

+ Sitooterie
Meaning: a summerhouse or gazebo; or an out-of-the-way corner to sit with your partner during a dance

+ Torschlusspanik
Meaning: mid life crisis

+ Tractatrix
Meaning: a female shampooer

+ Tragematopolist
Meaning: a seller of candy

+ Winebibber
Meaning: a person who drinks a lot of alcohol.

+ Yestreen
Meaning: yesterday evening
Writer's Comment: Urgh! So please stop the "yesternight" thing! Ugh!

+ Yisel
Meaning: a hostage

Some words in the list, are good for code names, you know what I mean? Cute and interesting. Teehee!!

I think, I sounded like a novelist or something. Bookworm maybe. Only not even novelists use these words anymore.

PS: Something about this entry makes me LAUGH! Bwahaha! Take a guess, anyone? Hehe!! :)

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