Monday, October 18, 2010

Man In The Mirror

I am deeply saddened with what has been happening to our country this year and I've been so emotional about these issues. And just few days ago, we've seen the worst election-related issues.

If elections are turning out this way, why on earth would someone risk their lives for politics? Is it because they really want to serve or be served? All of them promises CHANGE - better lives to the poor, more investments for the rich people, cheaper medicines, education for the youth, scholarships, road improvement, more jobs and etc.
I know it's improper to question one's sincerity and I still think there are aspirants out there that want to start reform. I NEED REFORM. But who am I compared to them? They are better, richer, smarter and wittier. 

Although Politics runs in our family, I do not see myself as one. But I was once asked, if in the future I decide to run for any position what would it be and why? I answered, A legislator. To create or enact the law.

I am 24 and there is so much more to life than picturing myself as a legislator though sometimes, I think of things that I am (sometimes!) compelled to do.. But simply can't..

I wanna face those corrupts and tell straight to their faces that they are a big pain in the as*. I want to give so much to the needy ones. I want to stand before my poor and tell them to stop believing that noontime/game shows can actually make them rich. I don't think I have a strong charisma to make most of the people like me and I don't think running for any office will help me do what I want to do.

I am not a genius, but I know cheating and stealing is a crime. I am not very rich, but I would love to share whatever I have. I think I can define hard-work for myself and for other people. I don't have a strong charisma, but I can show the people that I am sincere.

I always say that I have lost faith in this crazy government. They aim to make stupid filipinos--blinded and crippled without minds! Because they simply want to eat that filthy degrading power! And I don't think I wanna be part of that.

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