Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dominating the Silence of the Day

Obviously, this is not my first blog and I warn you, this is definitely NOT the last! But let me make this a different one, I will try HARD.

First, I'd have to welcome myself and the readers with colorful confetti and loud trumpet noises. Sometimes, I start sharing my kooky thoughts or get too irritating to provoke net surfers and blog readers to post their comments. THANK GOD, blabbermouths that give their nasty remarks on chosen topics are not present in my network. Nah! I wouldn't want to be their spitting image. No no. Though I am not using a PERIOD on that. Just a semi-colon, or collon, or comma, or hyphen. Everything but period.

Like everyone else I'm damn sure there would be times that I will make a burnbook out of this site. I don't intend to. Only when provoked. Do you know how it feels like when you're dead irritated with someone? Yes. That one. Such feeling could cause me to storm all my anger out. I am not a violent person, pls don't get me wrong. No, not the type who would throw anything within range that can be thrown. No, not the same scenario where you see flying plates and knives. Oh pls don't get me wrong. But, admit it, we all have lil devil inside of us. *smug* Which I am not exempted from.

Personally, (and not because I am also doing it) I think there's nothing wrong in expressing one's thoughts. Really, now. I gave it a real deep thought. I used to be so benign. Like overstated. Almost that my nic was synonymous to gudgeon. I must say it's not healthy to allow things go too far. Make it stop where things are still manageable. *My first sensible advice.

Seriously, don't let yourself be pushed to the edge and let people create a monster out of you. You will never like what you might become. Believe me. It's even harder to cut the horns when they're already sticking out. Strong and shiny.

Blogs are not necessarily for excellent writers -- who can impress readers and non-readers alike with such eloquence similar to Shakespeare. Like the saying, "practice makes perfect" everyone can become a good blogger. Awwww... I'm such an encourager.

Just why am I saying these things? Nothing. All I have said are pointless. It's just that I don't have anything meaningful to write about. My mind is working like a turtle crossing the street. While horns are dominating the silence of a fine day yelling "move it! move it!".

My fingers are damn itching to work on this site. So excited like trying out a new dress, a new pair of shoes or tasting a slice of pizza for the first time, drooling. I just can't help setting my fingers on the keyboard. Sorry.

That's all.

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